Interesting Reading for September 18, 2012

More stuff you may find interesting.

  • Prepare for your first security breach. Sobering. As data professionals we’re going to get pulled into these incidents at some point when they happen. Read now and hope it’s never on your watch or even during your tenure.
  • Conways Law says that organizations design systems that match the communication structure of the organization. I don’t think it’s meant to be a good thing.
  • Ultimate Windows Security even has some coverage of SQL Server!
  • What Would Your Successor Do. A reminder to take a fresh look at things. I’ve used a variation of this for years when I felt like I was failing – what would my replacement do differently?
  • Want to cause change? It’s at least as much about people as process. PDF of a slide deck, this is worth thinking about. Nothing about any kind of change is easy, but it’s easier if you understand the common patterns and responses.
  • Interesting idea for keeping daily stand-ups short.
  • Lots of tips for optimizing web page load times.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Reading for September 18, 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing, Andy. The “Want to Cause Change?” deck is superb and the “Law of 2 Feet” made laugh.


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