Book Review: The Breach

The Breach by Patrick Lee ($8 at Amazon) was a gift, and wasn’t quite what I expected based on the title. Bad guy now good guy Travis Chase is out on a mountain hike to find himself when he finds a recently crashed 747, which poses the obvious question – how do you crash a […]

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SQLSaturday #30 Rescheduled

Got the email today, SQLSaturday #30 has been rescheduled for April 10, 2010, due to projected bad weather on the original date this weekend. Andy Leonard and Jessica Moss did a great job of handling this, getting an email out early in the week to warn of a possible change and setting a deadline for […]

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Web Site Tuning

I just spent a couple days doing some minor tuning on SQLShare and here are some notes from that effort. I already had a Google site map published, but it turns out there that is a separate format for videos I had totally missed. I think they already index the stuff pretty well, but it […]

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Andy on Twitter

Just prior to the 2009 PASS Summit I posted about giving Twitter a try, and thought I’d report back on some thoughts after having tried it off and on for a couple months. I went into it biased, thinking it made sense for events and situations where the ability to reach a group quickly made […]

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