Two of a Kind

Here’s one that I haven’t run into before. A colleague scheduled a meeting with someone else in the organization to work through a problem that keeps coming up and seems to be of those problems where everyone wants someone else to do the work. The other person declined the meeting without a comment, no offer […]

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Play the Bob Ross Game

I was in a meeting a few weeks ago, deadlines looming and everyone feeling the stress some. We hit a couple minute pause and one of the guys in the room (a serious type most of the time) out of nowhere mentions that he finds watching Bob Ross on TV relaxing. 8 I couldn’t have […]

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Seeing Yourself as Others Do

As life skills go one of the hardest is to see yourself as others do – they apply all kinds of filters and interpretations, and of course we’re often reluctant to let go of our own biases that filter our own vision. It’s easy to get hung up on the negatives or potential negatives and […]

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PASS Update #66 (All Good Things)

Last week I emailed the Board of Directors my resignation effective December 31st of this year, ending my current term one year early. It’s a decision I’ve been thinking about since May and explaining it could well consume several posts – though I’m not sure it would be that interesting! I’m no less passionate about […]

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Virtual/Adhoc Teams

I’m a fan of virtual teams, times when you pull together people from across many teams to form a team that is focused on a goal. Sometimes they are dedicated to the effort, a lot of times they aren’t – depends on the amount of work needed and all the other competing priorities. Time isn’t […]

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3D Printing for Under $1000

I saw this about the iModela 3d printer, it’s priced under $1000, making it approachable if not quite cheap. 3d printing is one of those technologies that may just change the world. Lower cost of prototyping, much lower bar to small batches and customizations, it’s worth watching.

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2011 PASS Summit-Report #4

I’m writing this at the Seattle airport on Friday night with a couple hours to relax before the midnight flight home. Overall its been a good week. Nothing major went wrong, met a lot of new people, got to see a lot of old friends. Some things that stand out for me: The weather was […]

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