Review of Change to PASS Bylaws

As required, the Board has posted proposed changes to the bylaws for review by the members. The changes are fairly straight forward, reducing the number of Board seats by 2 – a change driven by CA choosing to relinquish their two seats. I like seeing a small and very specific change made, it’s easier to […]

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Google IQ Test

Friday (Dec 20, 2013) the Google Doodle was a crossword puzzle. I was curious so I clicked and yes, it was a full puzzle. It’s been years since I did a crossword. I did them for many years on Sunday, kind of a family tradition, but stopped somewhere along the way – I think it […]

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Learn To Code

Today I ran through the first tutorial at It has 20 very short lessons that use Angry Birds and zombies to teach the very basics of programming – instructions, loops, and conditionals. It was very well done, a nice UI supplemented with some short and interesting videos as you progress. Tonight I asked my […]

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