Supporting Wikipedia & Other Organizations

I just sent Wikipedia five bucks. As someone who uses Wikipedia and finds it useful, I’m willing to donate in the hope that it grows, improves, and generally does better than the year before. I don’t know or think that it’s perfectly run or that they spend every dollar perfectly. No organization does. I didn’t do any diligence. I haven’t seen anything horrendous posted with regards to cash management there and it’s five bucks, so I just sent the money. I try to come down on the side of ‘do they do more good than harm’. That’s true of Wikipedia and every other organization that asks for funds. It’s not always easy to tell, but I can feel ok about being less diligent at $5 than I would at $500.

3 thoughts on “Supporting Wikipedia & Other Organizations

  1. Well said Andy. Great insight into supporting the things we use even if they are “free”. Just because we do not always see the cost, freedom never has been free.


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