The Breakfast Plan Goes Awry

Here’s the editorial for SSC today and while it’s a humorous story about asking for donuts and getting a free breakfast for everyone, it’s also a cautionary tale for those trying to do good as managers, and even for employees submitting suggestions. Looking back, I still think it was a fair suggestion in response to […]

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Conference Calls Are Hard

Conference calls are a fact of life for most of us. Remote offices, remote workers, clients – lots of reasons to do a call. Hard to argue with the cost, definitely a money saver. For some things they work well, for situations requiring a lot of collaboration though, they take a lot of extra effort […]

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PASS Update #35

It’s been a busy month for me for PASS activities. I spent almost the entire week last week on PASS related items and probably 60+ hours for the month: Reviewing the annual budget A call on SQLSaturday to work on plans for 2011 Tons of time on the Spring Event I won’t share much in […]

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SQLSaturday Orlando Signs

Life in the event leader fast lane, finally got the signs for our upcoming #49 here in Orlando. In past years we’ve gone with the low budget version, but this year since we’ve got ace fund raiser Jack Corbett working on sponsors, we’re investing a little. Ordered 25 of the 18×24 signs on plastic, printed […]

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