Thinking on Execution

I read a lot, one the most recent books is The 4 Disciplines of Execution which is, of course, about execution. The first few chapters are the most valuable, some really good thoughts on measuring execution, in particular about lagging and leading indicators. Lagging indicators measure what has happened – say product sales – and […]

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Three Not SQL Blogs To Read

Here are three blogs I’ve been reading recently that are interesting. None about SQL, but you might find some value in them. Herding Cats. Project management focused, almost daily content. Lean Blog. Lean techniques, including kanban and kaizen, with a healthcare focus. Software Project Management. Lots of good stuff, including kanban. Let me know if […]

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Auto Tweets from SQLSaturday

I was chatting with PASS community pollinator Karla Landrum recently and she asked me my thoughts on the auto tweets that get posted when attendees, sponsors, and speakers sign up, especially with regard to privacy. I implemented or drove the implementation of the auto tweets, trying as best I could to build some starting point […]

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Various Links-August 25, 2012

Great story about a client who didn’t under the different between Skype and Sharepoint – while doing a Sharepoint initiative! It’s a long post, but worth reading. Lack of shared understanding leads to a lot of misery and its often very hard to catch. Election preparedness. I didn’t dig in to see if sponsored by […]

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