Various Links-August 25, 2012

  • Great story about a client who didn’t under the different between Skype and Sharepoint – while doing a Sharepoint initiative! It’s a long post, but worth reading. Lack of shared understanding leads to a lot of misery and its often very hard to catch.
  • Election preparedness. I didn’t dig in to see if sponsored by one party or the other, but seems fairly interesting – we don’t have many states with a “good” rating, including my own Florida.
  • I don’t have a reason to use it, but RabbitMQ is an open source message broker (insert joke about fewer hops here?)
  • Have you though about how to survive and excel in a matrix organization? I work for a weak-matrix client right now and the soft skills make all the difference. I’ll go further and tell you that this environment is the best place to learn those soft skills, but it’s definitely a sink or swim experience

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