A Note on Configuring HP SSD’s

Sharing this without a supporting link, might help someone. During a recent move from SAN to local SSD the storage guy noted that the following has to be done to get best performance. This command disables SSD Smart Path. You must disable the SSD Smart Path before enabling Controller caching. /opt/hp/hpssacli/bin/hpssacli ctrl slot=3 array c […]

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Configuring KDIFF With Git

Posting this mostly in case I need it again. I needed a merge tool for Git, Kdiff is free and useful, but you have to get all the switches set up if you want full functionality (three way merge). I found the answer on this blog post (a reminder to us all to share stuff we […]

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The PASS Executive Committee

I was just reading The PASS Board Guidance Policy . Overall a reasonable document and absolutely worth reading if you’re thinking about running for the Board. It is missing what I consider a key point about the Executive Committee, so I wanted to write a quick note on that. The Executive Committee (ExecCo in PASS lingo) are […]

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