Review: The Abilene Paradox

The Abilene Paradox by Jerry Harvey is not a new book, written in 1988. It’s part of some reading I’m doing for a project. The book is about management and is a series of stories/essays.  It’s not a book I’d recommend to a first time or first level manager, but for all that it had […]

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Skills I Used Last Week #2

Back in September I wrote the first version of Skills I Used Last Week, so I thought I’d loop back to see if I was doing anything new lately. The window is really the last few weeks, but I thought I’d stick with the title for now, for continuity! Mostly it’s the same same as […]

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Notes From SQLSaturday #248

For once the drive from Orlando to Tampa went smoothly, no delays due to accidents or construction or UFO’s, a good start to the weekend! We checked in at the Hilton Garden Inn about 3 miles from the event in what seems to be one of those ‘hotel areas’ that seems to support both the […]

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Veterans Day 2013

Tonight I’ll be talking again with my children about Veteran’s Day, what it means to me, and what I hope it will mean to them. At ages of 7 & 10 it’s still pretty abstract, but worth a few minutes to build on what we talked about last year. I joined the military not long […]

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