SSC Editorial: Is the Golden Age of Information Technology Almost Over?

Posted last week, Is the Golden Age of Information Technology Almost Over? generated some interesting comments. It’s tough to write about potential changes without saying the sky is following, but it does make a good opinion piece! I was discussing it with Steve Jones after it was published and he had a comment I thought was worth […]

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The End of SQLRally

PASS announced yesterday the end of the SQLRally brand. It was disappointing news for an idea that started with such promise. It’s a minimal impact decision as Rally had long been dead here in the US and I imagine the international users will be able to proceed using the SQLSaturday brand (and it’s tool set) […]

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Thoughts on the PASS BAC

I recently read PASS and Business Analytics: A Winning Combination on the PASS blog and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write some thoughts and concerns related to the BAC. I start this acknowledging I’m looking at things from a DBA perspective and that I haven’t attended a BAC. I don’t think those preclude […]

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