Big Numbers

What had me reflecting on numbers was an article in the Financial Times (Conduit of Contention if you can find it) that talked about the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, which settles all the equity trades on American exchanges. According to the article the DTC settled 1.48 quadrillion dollars in transactions last year, the equivalent […]

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Do You Work for #1?

Someone recently asked me if I would work for a company if I didn’t believe in their products or services (to the point that I would consider them the best). It’s an interesting question because it reflects the trade offs many of us make when selecting jobs, and there is no one “right” point of […]

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Trusts Are Transitive

If you’ve done networking in the MS world you know about the trust options between domains, and one of the nice features of Windows Server are transitive trusts. If A trusts B and B trusts C, then A trusts C. Technical stuff, but I want to talk about the other kind of network, the people […]

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PASS Update #60

I’ve written a lot here, but for June & July (and part of August) I’m trying to just keep the ship moving (my part of it at least) while I recharge. I still manage to have a few things going on, so here is the 60th update on my efforts as I hit 2.5 years […]

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