Android Game: Slice-It

The eternal challenge with games, and free/cheap software in general, is knowing what’s out there, especially since you don’t always know what you’d find useful! For illogical reasons I’m a lot more willing to take a chance on stuff on my phone that I would on my laptop – maybe a sense (true or not) that there is better app separation on the phone. Maybe it’s just because I have kids!

I thought I’d mention Slice-It here, one of a few games I installed on my Droid X for my kids to play.  It’s a simple yet demanding logic game. You’re presented with a shape, then asked to cut the shape into a specified number of pieces using a specified number of pencils (lines/cuts). In the beginning as long as you get the number of slices correct you continue, once you go a ways they want the slices to all be the same size more or less.

The image below (from their site) shows you an example. The goal is to cut the circle into 8 slices using 3 pencils. An easy one to solve, it’s the standard pizza cut. Don’t be fooled by how easy this one is!

Screenshot of Slice it ! Andorid  Game

It’s free, and it’s worked well so far. A nice change of pace, and I think a good game for kids, encourage them to think about logic and symmetry.