Sometimes It IS The Network

Over the years when a performance problem comes up there is always some speculation that it’s a network issue and not the database (can’t be us!). I always ask a few quick questions to see if I can see a reason to pursue the network angle: Is the problem affecting multiple database servers? Is the […]

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A Long Summer Vacation

Based on a bit of luck/happenstance I’ve been able to stretch my summer vacation to two months. I had planned to take a few weeks off to reflect on life and think about where I should be focusing (and I have done a lot of that), but the chance to take the summer off with […]

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Notes from SQLSaturday #231

First time event in Cocoa Beach went really well! Speaker dinner well attended Friday night at Florida’s Seafood Quite a few out of town speakers, and it seemed like more speakers brought their families. Having the event at a hotel on the beach certainly made it What are the odds – the speaker shirt (red […]

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