Miscellaneous Reading for July 2013

  • Must read blog: Sacha Chua. Lots of info on going solo, being productive, sketch noting.
  • Related, if you’re trying to manage life and focus and progress, take a look at QuantifiedSelf.com
  • Don’t tell people they can borrow your tow truck
  • The Generals is a look at the evolution of the US Army as far as relieving commanders. Very interesting stuff.
  • If your employer issues badges/swipe cards, do most employees use a lanyard or a belt clip to keep track of it? I like lanyards (especially the PASS/SQLSaturday ones), but they seem to get dingy looking in a couple of months due to me twirling it on my fingers when I’ll bored or contemplating.
  • Dick Proenneke lived in a cabin in Alaska for thirty years. Built the cabin with hand tools. If you get the chance, watch the documentary about it on PBS. Worth watching to see him crawl into what he hopes is an empty bear den carrying a pistol and then to hear about finding a bear plug.