PASS Election Results

The 2011 Election results were just posted, congratulations to Adam Jorgensen, Denise McInerney, and Rob Farley for taking the top three positions and earning a two year term on the Board. Thanks to Kendal Van Dyke, Sri Sridharan, and Geoff Hiten for being candidates this year – I hope you’ll give it another run next […]

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Explaining SQLSaturday

I wrote a while back about my coffee cup from SQLSaturday #100. I took it to work (where I usually use my #49 cup) and while waiting on a meeting to start was showing it to a colleague (who isn’t a SQL guy). He was mildly interested, asking what SQLSaturday was, was it a conference? […]

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SQLSaturday Goes International

Looking at 2011 and the planned events so far for 2012 it’s easy to see that SQLSaturday is starting to catch on in many places beyond the US, including Brazil that I mentioned in a post yesterday. Have you thought about what means? Why is it happening now? What would you say if I told […]

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Will You Buy Refurbished? Part 1

A couple months back the laptop my wife uses was fading away, the internal power connector was broken/barely working and it looked like a motherboard swap would be required. Out of warranty and at $150+ for the motherboard (plus some aggravation), time to buy something new. It’s used for browsing, email, etc, and the one […]

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