PASS Update #69 (The Wrap Up)

Next week marks the end of my third and final year serving on the PASS Board of Directors. I’ve struggled to write this, to find the right focus, and in the end decided to write just a few thoughts that keep coming to the forefront for me.

I’ll start by saying I don’t regret a bit the three years worth of effort. Maybe that seems obvious? It wasn’t back in May 2007 when I contemplated being a candidate, it was far from certain that the time and effort would net me anything but frustration. It did come with plenty of frustrations, but there were good days too.

I don’t regret leaving the Board a year early. As I wrote in an earlier update it was a hard decision, but it has been a good one. Just that one lesson was perhaps worth the three years of effort.

I wish I had been able to affect more change.

I believe more than ever that good governing requires transparency (and someone reading what gets published).

I know that for too long we’ve let our management company be just an event company.

I dream of a PASS that does far more than today and hope that others will build that dream, standing on the shoulders of everyone that has taken us this far.

I won’t miss Board meetings!

I know that we have to do more to grow leaders, and do more to encourage the biggest and brightest voices in our community to run for the Board.

I believe that you get out of an experience what you put into it. I think maybe I got more than that. For me it was a chance to do some good, but also to learn. Most of that learning was good. Some of it wasn’t, and I know it will take me some time to finish sorting that out and make sure that I’ve learned the right lessons.

So, that’s the end. 69 updates over three years, not quite 2 a month,but close! Now I’ll return to the ranks of the community,commenting and contributing from time to time, and watching with interest what the next generation of leaders tries to accomplish.

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