PASS Summit 2011 Eval Results

My presentation on Professional Development Plans ended up being ranked 47th out of 190, with an overall score of 4.63. The range is 1-5 with 5 being good, but it’s also a game of inches. If my score had been 4.5 I would have dropped to 90th place. Solidly in the middle of the pack and that’s fine, a good consistent performance. I’ll keep this in my 2012 plan, and do some incremental tweaks (and thinking on a part 2).

I posted all the comments below. Thank you again to all that attended and especially those that took time to fill out the eval, its always great to see how it went.


it was different from my expectation but still valuable               
A framework to apply – couldn”t ask for more.                
Yes, there are a lot of great presenters brought up that I need to go think about it.               
Learned/refreshed a LOT, not what I thought I would.               
Yes, thanks for helping with my plan “strategy”               
There were just really cold in that room               
Spot on!               
I thought it was about project not career dev plans.  I like this topic better!               
Exactly as billed a good info that we don”t always get easily in our field.               
Maybe more references/books is read/sites to go to               
Really great! Provided great information like a great mentor would.                
Had a good plan – slides and approach were good.                
Speaker lives it and is passionate about it.               
Great presentation skills.                
Good pace to the presentation, open to questions and room feedback               
Seemed confortable up there.                
Engaging speaker, very personable.               
Calm, centered delivery               
Awesome :,,)               
Took time to answer everyones question.               
Your comfortable, discussion style is awesome!               
Best so far               
I need to start by thinking about options, and finding someone more experienced to
A renewed desire to create a PDP and follow it.               
Alot! ex: reviewing my plan.               
Need my plan!               
Successful future!               
Networking, networking, networking.               
Cues to start my Prof Dev plan.               
Excellent information.  Took lots of notes!               
PDP = personal business plan.  write it down.               
Now to get crackin” on my PDP               
I am really looking forward to making my own PDP               
A new perspective on how I allocate time.               
Perfect session to make understand the need for PDP               
Andy was very inspirational.  Russ Co. goes into business tomorrow!               
Talk about how to improve on actual organization instead focus only in a new opportunity               
Nothing – might disagree with the value of an MBA. Fast (sp?) finished – feel like I can speak the same language as the business now.                
More samples               
Adding statics               
Nuthin – twas good clear concise helpful               
Good.  Can”t comment until I start my PDP.  First impression was very positive.               
Thanks so much!  You gave me a lot to think about.  Appreciate your pointing out that it can change at any point – removes pressure.               
Nothing I loved the session               
The presentation overran, but it was still a very good presentation!               
Really excellent, launchable, practical information – knowledge from many points of view.  It really changed my mind.  Impressive.  Thanks!