The Future of PASS

2020 has been a tough year for PASS. It’s primary fund raiser – the PASS Summit – was converted to a virtual event that attracted fewer attendees and far less revenue than the in-person version. Going into the event they were projecting a budget shortfall of $1.5 million for the fiscal year ending in June […]

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Serious Thoughts About PASS

Back when Covid started I guessed that this might be yet another live-or-die challenge for PASS. PASS is heavily dependent on Summit revenue and uses it to fund all the other stuff. Looking at the most recent budget notes (see the PASS blog) there’s a forecasted shortfall of $1.5m and that’s if they hit their […]

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Vote in the PASS Election

If you login to AND have previously met the criteria to vote this year, you’ll see this. Click the button and you’ll be off to the voting page where you can pick three candidates from the slate. I haven’t endorsed anyone this year and I’m not going to announce my choices either. Read the […]

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Changes to the PASS Bylaws

If you haven’t read the proposed changes yet you should do that first and form your own opinion before reading mine. Thoughts here are high level, not a line by line analysis. The most important change is the dilution of elected Directors. We’re decreasing that from 6 to 4 while increasing the appointed members by […]

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PASS, Meetup, and Sponsors

I’ve always been in favor of trying to use the PASS tools and web site as much as possible, but it’s hard to argue again the discoverability of Meetup. Certainly we get people joining the list via PASS, but we seem to get more new people that actually attend via Meetup. Meetup isn’t free, but […]

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