Visiting Atlantis

This week I got to visit Atlantis. Not the mythical island, but rather the ship, the Space Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center. The visit was part of my summer vacation, spoiling myself by doing something with my family almost every day. The official ‘launch’ of the exhibit is Saturday, we went early because it […]

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Kindle vs Library

Since I bought a Nexus 7 (two of them, I broke the first one) I’ve been interested to see if and how it would change my reading habits. I still have a preference for printed books, based mostly on a lifetime of reading a printed book a week, but also because I’ve always been a […]

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Is $160 Per Day a Lot?

Recently I was in a small coffee/sandwich shop for early morning coffee and while waiting watched one of the employees taking cookies from a pan and putting into paper sleeves. A bit later when I returned for a refill (and was more awake) I asked how many cookies they made a day. They had three […]

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Vacation Notes

First stop was Philadelphia, mostly because we scheduled our vacation to coincide with SQLSaturday #200, but also because we had never been. Subway is ok, but no where near as useful or as clean as the one in DC. We hoped to see the Liberty Bell, but the line was looooong The Constitution Center was […]

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Notes from SQLSaturday #200

My first time in Philadelphia (and in Malvern, the actual event location). I drove up Friday night for the speaker dinner, nice seating area on the restaurant patio and hot enough to make me think I was still in Florida! Nice evening. I drove back to Philly to my hotel, and then drove back to […]

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