PASS Nominating Committee for 2013 Elections Announced

I was pleased to see the email this morning announcing that community volunteers Erin Stellato, Ryan Adams, and Tamera Clark will be joining Board members Sri Sridharan and Rushabh Mehta for the 2013 Nominating Committee. More information on the election site. 

The work of the NomCom is not glamorous and if anything can be tedious and stressful. They’ll be reading some long applications and then doing a series of phone interviews to put together a slate of candidates that are qualified to serve on the Board. If that isn’t hard enough, depending on the quality and number of candidates they may have to draw a line to exclude some from the final slate, a decision that is tough and always looked at carefully by the voters.

It’s also important that the NomCom be viewed as independent from the sitting Board, that’s why having community members is so important. I can’t think of a better word than ‘independent’ when thinking about Erin, Ryan, and Tamera – thank you for serving!