Notes from SQLSaturday #85

I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon after the event, thinking about the event and what I want to share with you: The speaker party started with a down pour, forcing us into a too small back room that still worked. Great evening conversations. We used the built-in SpeedPASS for the first time. For those that […]

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SQLSaturday #85 is Tomorrow!

It’s 7am on Friday and I can’t wait for the day to end, head home to change and then go to the speaker party, followed by an entire day of learning, networking, and just plain fun. We’ve still got room for more attendees, if you’re in the area hope you’ll come by. It might be […]

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No Drama

Someone I worked with recently on the server side of the business had that to say about SQL Server compared to Oracle. His perception as a guy that is on the fringe if not the middle of performance problems is that SQL Server doesn’t need much in the way of care and feeding. It’s not […]

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Conflict Resolution

More than once I’ve run into situations where I’m working with two people/groups that don’t get along. Especially as a manager or consultant its easy to wind up between two factions that can’t get along for reasons often lost to history. Telling them to ‘work it out’ rarely works. If they could, they would have […]

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It’s easy to get so busy with life you forget to dream, at least for me. Most of us have dreams, ranging from winning the lottery to having kids to the vacation to Tahiti. Some dreams are practical, such as paying off your mortgage. Some are less practical or even unlikely. Fulfilling dreams requires a […]

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