I Don’t Know

I wanted to write this because lately I say “I don’t know” a couple times a day to my client/boss. I know what I know, I try to prepare well, but she has an uncanny knack for asking questions that go one step beyond in some way. A lot of times it’s not a question […]

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8 Weeks In

I’m about eight weeks into my current project and while I’m certain I don’t know it all, I’m finally at the point where I understand most of the work, know who most of the people are, and have a good idea on how to navigate to the finish line. It’s not as if there was […]

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Checkers, Chess, and Politics

There are few games that don’t have some kind of strategy, from tic-tac-toe on up. Sometimes we take the time to master (or try to) the strategies, sometimes it’s enough to just play. If you just play though, and then decide to play against someone that takes the time to learn the strategies, odds are […]

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Testing Decisions

One of the things I like to do is take some time on decisions that matter to me. That’s a broad scope. Typically “yes” decisions are ones that I’m immediately comfortable with the risk, reward, whatever, and I know that I’m not going to rethink it afterward. Decisions that will be “no” I think on […]

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Parking Places & Editorials

Parking places, that’s the topic of my recent editorial on SSC. A simple topic, but one that most of us get (after you read the editorial!) and one that transcends technology, maybe one that reminds us that we all metaphorically put on our pants one leg at a time. I’ve tended to measure success by […]

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