My Sessions & Schedule at the 2011 PASS Summit–Early View

I was just checking the event calendar and saw that my Building a Professional Development Plan presentation is on Wednesday at 3:00 pm. It’s one of my favorite presentations and out of all the ones I’ve done, it’s the one that I get follow up email on the most. I’m also part of a panel discussion, Are you a Linchpin? Career management lessons to help you become indispensible. It’s hosted by Brian Moran and will be at 2:30 pm on Friday.

Usually I’ve set my travel plans by now, this year I’ve been juggling some stuff and haven’t nailed down my arrival yet, but looks like it may be Saturday night. Alaska Air changed their schedule so that the Orlando to Seattle direct flight is in the evening, so I have the choice of Saturday night or Sunday night. I loathe two stop flights, so probably good for me to go on Saturday and start the shift to Seattle time early.

Sunday. No plans. I’ll probably work in the morning and then find a few early arrivals for lunch.

Monday. No plans. Deliberately. Probably will change. Wait. I will be at Top Pot for breakfast, that is planned. I will be at the Convention Center or nearby all day. In the evening Steve Jones & I are hosting our second annual low key networking dinner (read his invitation here), and please sign up if you want to meet some really nice and interesting people – more than 100 have signed up so far!

Tuesday. Work day, I have the SQLSaturday RoundTable in the morning and the Chapter Leader meeting in the afternoon, then I’ll be dropping in to see Don Gabor, and then on to the opening night reception.

Wednesday. I’ll be at the keynote,hopefully at the blogger table and not down front,good to have some distance just in case the Tina Turner look a like should resurface. Hoping to be selected for a Bird of a Feather table for lunch, and then I have my presentation at 3 pm.

Thursday. I’ll be at the keynote, will be at lunch, and then a dinner party or two later in the evening.

Friday. Keynote, lunch, panel discussion I mentioned above. I usually leave late Friday night, which leaves time for dinner with whoever is still in town.

For the last few years I’ve invited people to join me for dinner on Wed or Thursday night. I’m still hoping to do that, waiting to hear about a couple events to see if there will be time. Tough calls on time, not enough time for everything. This year I’m also going to have to check in at work more than I have in previous years and that will be hard. I’ve got a number of projects in flight and I can’t go dark for a week. Hoping that if I keep up with email and do a daily call that will be enough!

As busy as it might look, it leaves a lot of open time. I expect to attend very few sessions, mostly I will be wandering and watching, looking to see how speakers are doing, trying to greet first time attendees, and here and there enjoying the slow chats with friends that make it such a great week for me.

Reminder: Get your business cards done!