Two Profiler Tips

I’ve had occasion to watch a lot of people try Profiler, and to hear a lot more about their previous attempts to use it, and they are almost always incredibly frustrated. Why? Simply, the volume of activity combined with the hyper speed scroll just seems overwhelming. People expect tools to make sense in their default […]

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A Banner Day for SQLRally

Help us promote our upcoming PASS events by including any or all of these on your blog or in your email signature. Please link them as follows: 24HOP – SQLRally – PASS Summit 2011 – I’m not sure why we don’t have one for SQLSaturday – sending that email to HQ right […]

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PASS Update #49–SQLRally

I get a lot of questions about how SQLRally is going, which tells me that there is a lot of interest and that we’re not communicating enough. The hard part is that in some ways there is a lot going on, and in some ways not all that much! We started SQLRally last July and […]

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Notes from SQLSaturday #62

The weekend started with a later afternoon drive to Tampa, returning a couple calls and then chatting with Steve Jones for a while about many things community related. I found a parking place in Ybor City to wait for my family to arrive and knew it was really a SQLSaturday weekend when Mikey Nelson walked […]

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