Spring in Florida

The first sign of spring in Florida is the leaves falling from the oak trees. Tons of leaves, leaves everywhere, definitely a pain to keep up with, yet it’s worth it for the next part – in the next week or so I expect – when the large oak in my front yard puts on […]

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Notes From SQLSaturday #273

Speaker dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse was packed. Great crowd, not such great service. At 8:45 pm we still had not had a chance to order dinner. With a crowd of 40+ its challenging to get a good venue that can handle the service and provide an environment conducive to networking. Event leaders, think hard about […]

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PASS Goals Published

Hopefully you got the email today from PASS containing these: Volunteer Goals Program Goals SQLSaturday Goals Reading them I’m first struck that we often see goals set, but rarely see the end of year scorecard published the same prominence. Which are real goals and which are stretch goals? Are there stretch goals, or are they […]

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