Spring in Florida

The first sign of spring in Florida is the leaves falling from the oak trees. Tons of leaves, leaves everywhere, definitely a pain to keep up with, yet it’s worth it for the next part – in the next week or so I expect – when the large oak in my front yard puts on the new leaves for the season and the crepe myrtles bloom and the color is vibrant and fresh. Time soon enough to work on the spring yard and garden plan and to find time for a spring training game, but before that I’ll be spending some time just enjoying the first early days of spring.

2 thoughts on “Spring in Florida

  1. Interesting… I’ve lived in Central Florida for 15 years and never noticed leaves on my lawn… maybe I’ve never lived near an oak tree…. 🙂 Quite possible since I couldn’t tell you what kind of trees there are in my yard except my two very tall Palm trees which mark where my house is on my street. Without them, it’d be hard to tell which house was mine because they all look about the same… I have noticed that after a few weeks of very cold weather, the temperatures went up to almost 90 and are now back to average for this year. My A/C has run less the past few days.


    1. Palm trees a whole lot easier to manage:-) Yes, its nice to run the AC less for a little while, all too soon it will be on far more than its off.


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