One Long Week

It started on Saturday. I usually have lunch with one or both of my daughters on the weekend and this week it was just my oldest, going on 15. I was getting over a cold and while driving she mentioned she had some chest pain. Startled me a little, she had not been coughing, and […]

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On Monday I wrote about journaling and while any pen will do, I think having a pen dedicated (as it always with) the journal decreases the friction – nothing worse than going to write and can’t find the pen! I like a decent pen, something better than a stick pen but way less than a […]

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Most of the work I’ve done for the past couple years doesn’t require taking much in the way of notes. One tab in Notepad++ for misc ideas and reminders (auto save is nice), then put the stuff that needs to be tracked into Trello and it’s good enough, though you could make the argument that […]

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An Update on My Everki Backpack

Back in September 2012 I ordered an Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly backpack. I think it was $72 at Amazon at the time. I’ve used it daily since then and been really pleased with it. The orange interior is very nice, I instantly notice the difference when I use a different bag. The zippers are solid, […]

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Starbucks Clover

I recently read  Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul  by  Howard Schultz. Not bad reading all in all. Part of it talked about the new Clover machine, the first time I had heard about it, though it’s been around quite a while. I did a quick search and it turned […]

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Review: Ghost of My Father

I finished reading Ghost of My Father by Scott Berkun over the holiday weekend. It’s an intense read about the authors relationship with his father and the impact his father had on the entire family through behavior ranging from affairs to indifference to put downs. It’s about the part of growing up where you see […]

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Odds and Ends To Think About

Got this in morning email from Khan Academy. Not sure if I agree that we all can learn anything, but I love the video anyway because the best lesson to learn is that learning takes time, effort, and stumbles. I watch my own kids struggle with this, and think how long it took me to […]

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