Giving Away Woodworking Magazines

I read a lot and one of the topics I enjoy reading about is woodworking. Recently I’ve been on a de-clutter kick and part of that is a trimming down a big stack of wood working magazines. I sent some to a friend, and was thinking to drop the rest at the used book store at the local library as better than dropping in the recycle bin, but then I thought maybe there are people I know (or know me) that would enjoy some of them, or have a friend or relative that would. If you’re interested in getting a handful of magazines, some current and some years old (but still relevant!), drop me a note in the comments and I’ll split what I have across the first 10 people that comment by June 19, 2014 . Has to be a US address, and I’ll contact you via the email address attached to your comment to get the address. I’ll pay the shipping. Read, enjoy, donate, forward, recycle, it’s up to you.

4 thoughts on “Giving Away Woodworking Magazines

  1. I’d be interested in getting some Woodworking magazines!
    Thank for sharing!!!


  2. Hi Andy,
    I would be interested in wood working magazines with plans.
    I enjoy building furniture or any wood projects. Very relaxing.



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