PASS Summit 2012-Board Q&A

For the few past few years the Board has scheduled time to take questions from members at the Summit. This year I got to be on the question side of the fence which was a nice change.  It was scheduled for 9:45 on Friday. Not the best time because it was up against sessions, including […]

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PASS Summit 2012-Part 4

Thursday. Slept a little better but still waking up on east coast time. Not a lot to do in Seattle at 3:00 am! Keynote was horrible. Well intentioned, not a matter of failed demos or anything, it was just…long. I try not to be hyper-critical, but they were selling us on integration and we all […]

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PASS Summit 2012-Part 3

Wednesday was a blur. I had breakfast at the Convention Center, mostly to see how it was – ok, muffins, cereal, bagels. Good enough to be fair. After the keynote it was networking time, quite a few of the long slow conversations that deliver the most value combined with a lot of hand shaking as […]

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PASS Summit 2012-Part 2

Late posting this, has been a busy week! Started the day at Top Pot, meeting up with Jack Corbett and some other friends. Good way to start the day. Next stop is the SQLSaturday RoundTable meeting, the once a year chance to get most of the event leaders and key volunteers in a room to […]

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PASS Summit Keynote-Part 1

Starting off with Douglas McDowell talking about the opening video that highlighted people from a lot of different countries, lots of diversity. Talking about how much PASS has changed in the past 5 years – I agree with that – and the revenue growth. Summit is primary revenue (just about the only one!) source Says […]

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