Notes from SQLSaturday #168 in Tampa

I made a quick trip to Tampa for #168 this past weekend. It was a “BI Edition” and it felt less intense but still a great value, four tracks of content and about 150 attendees. I arrived in time to sit through most of a presentation by Mike Antonovich, and then gave my own presentation on professional development plans to about 20 attendees. I like to poll the audience during the talk and was surprised that when I asked how many were excited about their career no one raised their hand. It’s not unusual to have half or less raise their hand – it is work after allbut no hands surprised me. To some degree I think people self-select into the presentation for just that reason and are trying to find the path back to excitement. Still lots for me to learn on this topic and I need to write more about it – soon.

Thanks to Jose Chincilla and his volunteers for a great event!