Speaking at the 2014 PASS Summit

Finally the email we’d all been waiting for arrived yesterday, the results of session selection for the 2014 PASS Summit. Good news for me, one session of mine was accepted, so I’ll be presenting “Turbocharge Your Career With A Learning Plan” this year. It’s a good topic and one I’m excited about. I’ve been presenting […]

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Finding Checked Out Files in TFS

There may be an easier way, but this was a quick way to find ALL the checked out files in TFS, something I needed so I could make sure no one from the data team had anything checked out prior to some consolidation/maintenance. The “Developer Command Prompt for VS2012” resolves to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual […]

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No Files For You

No Files For You is another Question Of The Day. I ended up making this one just a little more ambiguous than I meant to, interesting to see the different takes on it in the comments. I’ll say again, reading that stuff, what a great way to learn about writing (question writing anyway).

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