SSC Editorial: First Episodes

First Episodes was published last week and by design was a less than serious topic with hopefully broad appeal. I like that SSC runs some non-technical, not-serious editorials sometimes. It’s a way for everyone to remember, or appreciate perhaps, that we often share common interests and attributes outside of work, and that those external influences […]

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Big Data Techcon

I was reading SD Times and saw a nice 2 page ad for the Big Data Techcon coming up April 26th in Boston. I did a quick look at the schedule and I don’t see any SQL Server content or speakers from Microsoft. I wonder why not? Too late for me to consider attending it […]

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Setting the Retention Limits for the OperationsManagerDW Database

For once an easy problem to solve! We needed to change the retention values for OperationsManagerDW (SCOM uses OperationsManager as the main store, this is the data warehouse) and it was surprisingly easy using the notes from Understanding and modifying Data Warehouse retention and grooming. Download a utility, unzip (no install), copy/paste the commands into […]

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Notes on Setting Up & Troubleshooting Reporting Services Using Kerberos

Not comprehensive, but perhaps useful next time: Verify that the SPN’s are correct for the server that has the Reporting Services database. Many ways to do this, but I like the Kerberos Configuration Manager. The SPN tab should show “Good” for the instance that hosts the database. If not, fix (typically requires domain admin). Don’t […]

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