Bananas For SQLSaturday

I was catching up on reading today and saw that Instructables had a how-to on “tattooing” a banana, also called banana oxidation art. I had bananas available, so I printed SQLSaturday on some paper, taped it to the banana, and starting punching holes with a straight pin. It only took a few minutes to do. […]

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Windows 8 In 25 Minutes

Here’s a quick plug for The Missing Windows 8 Instructional Video. I watched it and learned quite a few things, then forwarded it to my wife to watch and she found it useful as well. I’m torn on this – I’d like to think a good UI is intuitive and shouldn’t need a how-to, but […]

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Trying the Nest Thermostat

I’ve had the Nest Thermostat on my wish list for a while. It has looked like an interesting bit of technology, just hard to justify the $249 price. This past week the little plastic nub that changes from AC to heat broke on my not-exactly-high-tech thermostat, so I decided to splurge and try the Nest. […]

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Give the Gift of Feedback

I bet if you think about it there are lots of times when people ask what you think about a problem. We in IT are geared for that, we love to solve problems, and getting a new problem sparks the same kind of salivation that your dog does when he sees a new bone land […]

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