Back to Plan A

At the end of April I posted a bit on my change in plans and what I thought I’d be doing for the next few months, with part of that being some uncertainty on both sides about what the work would be and if it would be a good fit. The initial work went very […]

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From Google Reader to Feedly

I shifted to Reader about a year ago mainly for the ability to access my feeds on multiple devices. I’ll admit to being surprised that Google would close it, but given that it was free hard for me to complain. I’ve been looking at the suggestions for a replacement and I’m struck by how easy/hard […]

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Got Any Grapes?

This past weekend we took a mini vacation, along the way my daughter decided to play this song, which is indeed a pretty good song to enjoy on vacation. Blame me if this one gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day.   The Duck Song

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