From Google Reader to Feedly

I shifted to Reader about a year ago mainly for the ability to access my feeds on multiple devices. I’ll admit to being surprised that Google would close it, but given that it was free hard for me to complain. I’ve been looking at the suggestions for a replacement and I’m struck by how easy/hard it is to do that. The top rated one seems to be Feedly and that made me want to look at the others first, not follow the herd. I looked at Netvibes and Newsblur, both interesting but not quite what I wanted. I thought about using Pulse (which I already use) and might have gone with it except the lack of OPML support.

This reminds me why software is so hard. I can’t tell you what I want, but I will probably know it when I see it!

With the July date fast approaching I needed to move somewhere, forcing me to decide something. Feedly imports from Reader, so as is often the case the lower friction made it the easiest thing to do. Thoughts so far:

  • Annoyed it requires a Chrome extension
  • Android client is very nice (but no offline support that I can see)
  • Once a feed is added I don’t see a way to move it to a different folder, leaving remove/re-add as the option
  • One week into it it feels good enough, not much in it frustrates me

4 thoughts on “From Google Reader to Feedly

  1. to move a feed to a different folder, open the feed, click edit and select your category


  2. I hear that it is currently relying on Google Reader to work. I hadn”t tried it for that reason. Did you happen to read that or know anything about it?


  3. You can categorize feeds (i.e. move to a different folder) after adding them using the chrome extension on the desktop.

    Feedly is working on their own back end replacement for Google Reader which is supposed to allow a seamless transition. (

    Like many, I”ve also been looking at several readers, thick client and web-based, and am getting more comfortable with feedly, it seems to be the most similar to what Google Reader provided and what I”m used to.


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