Custard Indexes

Not sure how or why this popped into my head (and too late for April Fools!), but it amuses me to think about adding another layer of confusion to the clustered index discussions. Here’s your problem, you don’t have a custard key on that table!

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Farewell, Robert Davis

Robert Davis (@SQLSoldier) died on Monday. A great technical guy, he did a lot of writing and presenting and answering questions over the years, shared a lot of knowledge and hard won lessons about working with SQL.  For years to come people will be trying to find an answer and will hit one of his […]

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No Summit Submission This Year

I had three ideas I considered submitting this year: Devops for the DBA SQL Checklists Learning Plans v2 I’ve presented the first topic a few times in different forms, still not quite figure out. I did the one on checklists once, but while I think its valuable, it needs some good quality checklists to go […]

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