A Note to the PASS Board of Directors

I just read with dismay that Mindy Curnutt has resigned. That’s a big loss at a time when the future of PASS is in doubt and we need all hands engaged. The reasons she gives for leaving with regards to secrecy and participation are concerning, troublesome, yet not really surprising. The cult of secrecy has existed at PASS for a long time, as has the tendency of the Executive Committee to be a closed circle that acts as if it is superior to the Board, when in fact the Board of Directors has the ultimate say on just about everything. You as a Board can force issues into the open or even disband the Executive Committee, but to do that you’ll have to take ownership and stop thinking of the appointed officers as all powerful.

The warning about morally wrong decisions is far more concerning. Those of out here in the membership don’t now what’s going on. PASS hasn’t written anything in clear and candid language about the state of PASS and options being considered, or asked what we think about those options. Is there a reason not to have that conversation? Are you sure that if you can find a way for PASS to survive that it will be one we can support and admire? Leading is about more than being in the room and making decisions. Are you being a good leader, a good steward? From the outside it sure doesn’t seem that way.