PASS Summit Keynote-Part 1

Starting off with Douglas McDowell talking about the opening video that highlighted people from a lot of different countries, lots of diversity. Talking about how much PASS has changed in the past 5 years – I agree with that – and the revenue growth.

  • Summit is primary revenue (just about the only one!) source
  • Says financial reserves have grown, but not how much
  • Hired 2nd community evangelist this year (go Niko!)
  • Congratulating new board members (Wendy, James, Sri)

Now shifting to Tom LaRock, VP of Marketing.

  • Discussing volunteers, PASS does depend on and exist because of them
  • Amy Lewis and Jesus Gil are 2012 PASSion Award Honorable Mentions
  • Jen Stirrup wins the PASSion award
  • All board members now have a little black book to capture feedback
  • Registration open for 2013 Summit, Oct 15-18 in Charlotte
  • Charlotte tourism board has a booth at the Expo, that’s a nice touch
  • Party tonight at Music Experience
  • Dr Dewitt doing a spotlight session today that will be streamed as well