PASS Summit 2012-Part 3

Wednesday was a blur. I had breakfast at the Convention Center, mostly to see how it was – ok, muffins, cereal, bagels. Good enough to be fair.

After the keynote it was networking time, quite a few of the long slow conversations that deliver the most value combined with a lot of hand shaking as I ran into friends. At 2pm I sat down with Steve Jones to talk through our presentation scheduled for 3pm on The Mentoring Experiment.

From 3pm to 430pm we did the presentation. About 10 slides, just enough for talking points, and it was reasonably successful (its hard to know sometimes going in if you have the right vision for the presentation). It felt like the audience was fully engaged, that we got them to see the world a bit differently on a couple things, and they got us to see the world a bit differently too. It’s an amazing experience to have people come spend time, interact, listen deeply and share ideas. Thank you to all that attended!

More conversations after that,then dinner with Jessica,Colin, and Josh (and then quite a few more) at Von’s, and that was it for me, time to call it a day.