On Monday I wrote about journaling and while any pen will do, I think having a pen dedicated (as it always with) the journal decreases the friction – nothing worse than going to write and can’t find the pen!

I like a decent pen, something better than a stick pen but way less than a Mont Blanc. I ended up browsing far too long at JetPens and ordered a multi pen (curiosity) and a sampler pack of fine line pens (curiosity) again. For now “the” pen is a Micron 04 black, but we’ll see. I think I’ll probably go back to a gel pen eventually. Anyway, you can get a decent pen (by my standards anyway) for under $10, spend more if you wish.

I got the sampler pack on Friday, dumped the dozen pens I had in a ziplock and took to dinner with my daughters so we could try them out. We had a good few minutes trying the pens, talking about what worked well and what didn’t, and had someone walking by ask why we had so many pens. Of course I have fewer pens now after the kids claimed some, but if it encourages them to write or draw more will be money well spent.