An Update on My Everki Backpack

Back in September 2012 I ordered an Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly backpack. I think it was $72 at Amazon at the time. I’ve used it daily since then and been really pleased with it. The orange interior is very nice, I instantly notice the difference when I use a different bag. The zippers are solid, the straps comfortable, and it works well when I carry on one shoulder (about 99% of the time). About the only thing I’d change would be to have a real water bottle pocket. There is a pocket on each side that is zippered and has an elastic band for a water bottle, but I think the open mesh type would suit me better. I noticed over the last few months that both straps were fraying, at about the same point, and it was slowly getting worse. No where near the point of it breaking, but it was going to require tape, sewing, or replacement at some point. Everki has a lifetime guarantee on the bag, so I submitted a request and after sending over some information and some pictures, they shipped me a brand new bag. The old one? I had to cut the straps and slash the front and sent pics of it in lieu of returning the old one. Totally makes sense, but it definitely felt strange to do it. I should add that other than the fraying was in really good condition considering it doesn’t get babied.

While I was waiting on the new bag I used a ‘reserve’ one, I think from the 2012 Summit, and while it served the purpose just fine, it felt cheaper and just not as good or as comfortable. It’s always hard to know when you buy something without trying it or even seeing it in person, this purchase has worked out pretty well. I’m hoping the strap issue was just a defect or something that’s been improved since the first one, but hard to tell from looking if its different or not.

Here’s the fraying: