Smart As A Bear?

I got this at Hobby Lobby for $7 on sale, it’s about the width of a license plate and a little taller, and I think perfect for the office. There is a lot of humor in that one small sign!  

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Logistics For All Day Meetings

Quick thoughts about the work required to make all day meetings run smoothly: Suitable space with enough seating (and reasonable chairs!) Turn down the AC if the room is going to be crowded to help with the heat load Plenty of power strips – few people will make it through the day on laptop battery […]

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A New Stressor

I tend to be amused when I run into something that causes me stress because I like to think – foolishly – that I’ve learned to manage stress and even avoid it by dealing with the underlying source of the stress. Last week I was in a meeting for 3-1/2 days. More workshop than meeting. […]

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Quarterly Goals

Over time I’ve settled on quarterly goals as the best way to focus on the stuff I most want to get done. I still think about my long term goals and I still have to do short term planning, but quarterly goals work out to be the most useful measure when explaining my goals to […]

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A Nicely Made Smoke Detector

This may not be the exact model, but I bought 2 First Alert detectors at Costco for $23. Not a lot to installing any smoke detector, most have two screws that go into the ceiling and a cover that pops off so you can replace the 9v battery. Sounds easy enough, but getting the screws […]

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A Minute About Minute Key

You may have seen these minuteKey boxes at your local home supply store (Lowes has it near me) that let you make your own copies of common key types:     I tried it out over the weekend. Quick, painless, and if anything not very exciting to watch. I didn’t time it, but maybe 4 […]

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You Broke My Tail Light

That’s the first thing I heard when I answered the phone recently. I was working on an change I needed to make, missed a call, called back (thinking it might be related to the change) and no one answered, then they called back again. It went something like this: Me: Hello. Caller:  You broke my […]

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