You Broke My Tail Light

That’s the first thing I heard when I answered the phone recently. I was working on an change I needed to make, missed a call, called back (thinking it might be related to the change) and no one answered, then they called back again. It went something like this:

Me: Hello.

Caller:  You broke my tail light (slowly, kinda meanly).

Me: What?

Caller: You broke my tail light.

Me: No idea what you’re talking about. Where did this happen?

Caller: You know where it happened you left your number on my car.

Me: No, I didn’t leave my number on your car and I didn’t break any tail light.

Caller: Yes you did.

Me: No, I didn’t. You must have the wrong number.

Caller: Don’t lie, you did it.

Me: (Seriously cleaned up), what kind of stupid would it be to leave my number and then deny it? You dialed wrong or they wrote it wrong. File a police report or call your insurance company.

End call.

I’m guessing this isn’t unusual. Someone damages a car and thinking/knowing they’ve been seen so they write a number on something and leave it on the damaged vehicle. What did seem unusual was that if someone did leave a number after damaging a vehicle they clearly were taking responsibility, why call up with an attitude?

I’m imagining the caller feeling like they’ve been done wrong twice. Once when they saw the damage, then again when they realized they really were going to have pay for the repair. Some kind of poetic justice there though!