If You Plan to Publish A SQL Script–Some Suggestions

Nothing better than finding a script that does something you need done and often done better than what you’d put together to just get it done right then. If you solve a problem consider publishing the script. Even if it has been done a dozen times, maybe there is something about your way that be the right starting place for that solution someone needs. Yes, ideally it should be good code, with comments, formatting, error trapping and all the rest, but I can forgive the lack of any and all of that – I’ll add it if its close enough to what I need, or I may just keep looking. Sometimes simple is better, not every problem needs a 200 line script that works for every situation.

What I hope for though, is two easy things:

  • Make it easy to get. Don’t make me clean up formatting and jump through hoops to get into a runnable state.
  • Put your name and the URL to the script/post in the header. I want you to get credit to start with, but I (or someone else) may want to go back and see the original one day, along with the thoughts and comments that went with it.

Yes, I could do both of those myself when I find your script. Am I likely to? Not so much!

Make it easy to consume. Will you get compliments for doing the extra effort? Probably not. But that’s not what you should do it, right? That’s part of being good at your craft.