Changes to the PASS Board

The official announcement was posted yesterday that Jeremiah Peschka and Brian Moran have decided to resign from the Board and upon having two vacancies, the Board voted to appoint Geoff Hiten and Mark Ginnebaugh. Geoff and Mark were both candidates for the Board during the 2010 election.

As I understand the process the Board is allowed to appoint anyone that they consider qualified, but the standard practice has been to pick the next runner up from the previous election, provided they are available and willing. I think that works out well, it’s someone that has been vetted and has shown an active interest in joining the Board. That said, I consider it important that the Board has some discretion and there might be times when a different selection would make sense. I was not able to join the Board call and cast my vote in favor, but I did join in the Executive Committee call that discussed the issue and indicated my support there.

I’m sorry to see Jeremiah and Brian leave, and I thank them for their participation during the past year. I’m looking forward to working with Geoff and Mark beginning later this month at the January Board meeting.