MVP No More

Back in September I received a call from my MVP lead that I wasn’t being renewed. Not a big surprise, though still a disappointment. The program has changed a lot since I joined in 2008 and today has much more focus on “data platform” than just SQL Server (where I continue to focus). I’ve also […]

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Renewed as MVP for 2015

Took a break to check email and saw the confirmation that I was renewed for another year. Pleasant news for a Wednesday morning. Strange to realize this is my 7th time, where did the time go? I’ve certainly changed a lot in those years! For those who aren’t MVP’s and would like to be (and […]

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An Sp_addrolemember Gotcha

Over the past few months there have been a handful of times when I had to fix a security problem by granting connect to the user. It wasn’t a big deal so I put it on the ‘figure out later’ list. Today it happened again and I had some time, so I took a deeper […]

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