MVP No More

Back in September I received a call from my MVP lead that I wasn’t being renewed. Not a big surprise, though still a disappointment. The program has changed a lot since I joined in 2008 and today has much more focus on “data platform” than just SQL Server (where I continue to focus). I’ve also done less in the community in the  past year or two than in many years, opting to use the time I had to support local groups and serve on the NomCom this year. The combination of the two meant I fell under whatever magic line was drawn between stay and go.

Since I was first awarded in 2008 I’ve tried to stick to the plan of doing the things I wanted to do and that I could do (time, effort, money) and if they aligned with MVP goals that was good, if not, that was good too. I have no complaints about my time in the program, or on my non-renewal. Our paths have diverged, at least for now, and that means someone with more time and energy than I have gets to ‘take my seat’ as it were.

4 thoughts on “MVP No More

    1. Arun, it will be interesting to see how that works out. I suspect many that “fall out” of the program have done so due to major changes in focus and probably aren’t good candidates to return…but clearly some will be. Good that they looking at it to see.


  1. In my opinion there are some people, you included, that should be perpetual MVP’s. Between SSC, SQLSaturday, JumpstartTV, etc.. you’ve done so much for the SQL Community that has promoted the Microsoft data platform, you’ve earned MVP.


  2. Jack, what a a nice compliment, thank you! I’ll try to write more on this topic soon, but I think maybe it’s time we (sqlfamily) built an award program that recognizes contributions on an annual basis but without the “renewal” part.


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