MVP No More

Back in September I received a call from my MVP lead that I wasn’t being renewed. Not a big surprise, though still a disappointment. The program has changed a lot since I joined in 2008 and today has much more focus on “data platform” than just SQL Server (where I continue to focus). I’ve also […]

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Renewed as MVP

I was renewed for another year as a SQL Server – now Data Platform – MVP, always pleasant news. My plan for the new MVP year is pretty much the same as last year, I’ll try to out and about serving the Florida community, doing some mentoring, and contributing to PASS as I can. Below […]

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Renewed as MVP for 2015

Took a break to check email and saw the confirmation that I was renewed for another year. Pleasant news for a Wednesday morning. Strange to realize this is my 7th time, where did the time go? I’ve certainly changed a lot in those years! For those who aren’t MVP’s and would like to be (and […]

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Renewed As MVP for 2013

Last Tuesday I received the email confirming that I will be an MVP for another year. Nice news to get. As I wrote last year there is no precise formula for becoming an MVP – it involves some mix of knowledge and influence. If you aspire to be an MVP then you have to find […]

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MVP Status: Renewed

I was just answering an email and realized I’m behind on posting on a few topics, one of them the notification last week that I was renewed as a SQL Server MVP for another year. Always nice to be recognized, nice to have something for the resume, and of course the other SQL MVP’s make […]

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