Testing Decisions

One of the things I like to do is take some time on decisions that matter to me. That’s a broad scope. Typically “yes” decisions are ones that I’m immediately comfortable with the risk, reward, whatever, and I know that I’m not going to rethink it afterward. Decisions that will be “no” I think on more, often ask for opinions for friends, and then at the end, I try to leave some time after having made the mental decision before I announce it to whoever needs to hear.

That pause is when I’m testing it, thinking “does this feel right?”.

Maybe that’s a response to a handful of decisions I’ve made over the years that I regret. It’s not always possible to see a situation with full clarity, in fact I’m not sure there is such a thing. Decisions are always made in the context of life; am I tired, rested, busy, excited,and more.

It’s been a useful process for me. I don’t often change my mind during the testing period,but it’s that gray area where it’s ok with me for me to change my mind, if that makes sense. Once I announce the decision, then it’s decided, and I’m unlikely to change my mind short of some new/unknown factor surfacing.

It’s not always a fun process. Even for me the urge is “decide”, to clear the decks of something that is not simple and feels stressful. Just decide! All the more reason to take time coming to the decision, and then to do that private back testing.

Maybe also interesting is that from this you can tell if you ask me for a decision and I defer, I’m at the least not sure, and probably leaning towards no. It doesn’t mean I won’t come around to yes, but if I defer, there is something that has activated the caution light.